About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, membership organization that

  • Represents a collaborative effort among CJCs and Friends of CJC (FCJC) organizations - including their related staff, team members and community volunteers - that recognizes and respects the independence and autonomy of its individual centers, FCJC organizations and communities and their respective and unique cultures. 
  • Serves as a collaborative, statewide network dedicated to promoting a coordinated and comprehensive response to child abuse, based on current research and evidence-based practices, throughout the state of Hawaii.
  • Is committed to ensuring that every child in the state of Hawaii, regardless of where they reside, will have access to the same consistent level of quality, evidence-based services that can only be provided by a well-supported CJC in partnership with its FCJC organization.
  • Provides opportunities for the five CJCs and the five FCJC organizations to routinely and productively network for purposes of sharing information, ideas and opportunities that will benefit all children of the state of Hawaii.
  • Serves as a collective voice and leading resource within the state in regard to child abuse issues and the children’s justice center collaborative model.
  • Provides a vehicle through which the respective CJCs and FCJC programs can, as deemed appropriate, collaborate to ensure an efficiency of resources on shared projects related to awareness, education and prevention.
  • Provide a vehicle through which the respective FCJC organizations can join forces to serve as a powerful, collective voice, capable of elevating the level of priority given to children and the issue of child abuse by law makers/policy makers and the general public across the entire state of Hawaii.
  • Serves as a resource and works in collaboration with the CJC program to provide support for ensuring effective, ongoing training and technical assistance is provided for the CJCs and those child abuse professionals who participate as members of the CJC multidisciplinary teams (MDTs).