Children's Justice Centers

The Children’s Justice Centers (CJCs) of Hawaii is a statewide program of the State of Hawaii Judiciary that coordinates the response to reports of child sexual abuse, serious physical abuse and witnesses to crime in a supportive, child-friendly, fair and neutral setting where children can be interviewed regarding allegations of child sexual abuse, felony physical abuse, and as witnesses to crime. There are five centers on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, East Hawaii and West Hawaii.

Our Purpose:
Like nearly 700 other children’s advocacy centers nationwide, each of the Hawaii CJCs brings together a team of professionals dedicated to protecting children. Using a child-focused approach, forensic interviews are conducted in a manner that is legally sound, of a neutral, fact-finding nature and coordinated to avoid duplicate interviewing.


  • Provide a supportive, child-friendly, fair and neutral setting for forensic interviews of children regarding allegations of child sexual abuse, physical abuse and witnesses to crime.
  • Provide specialized training for the professionals interviewing and working with the children in order to provide a neutral, fair and professional investigation and case management.
  • Coordinate the civil and criminal systems/court actions.
  • Coordinate the activities of all the agencies involved with the child and provide a case tracking system.

The Centers work closely with representatives of law enforcement, the Department of Human Services/Child Welfare Services, Attorney General’s Office, Prosecuting Attorney, victim advocacy, medical and mental health/therapeutic agencies.

Through a public/private partnership, each of the Centers has its own “Friends of the Children’s Justice Center” 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides community support to the Center. See “Friends of CJC’s” tab for more information.

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